Stump Grinding


Cutting the trees out of your yard or generally off your property can be a hassle but yet still ease when done by the right individuals or company. It is not really a complicated task however, there can be additional issues when the trees are cut, and the stumps were left staring at you. It can be really annoying or irritating to be looking through your lawn and seeing all these unwanted stumps glaring out. They cannot only, however, be a beauty snatcher but also a health problem for those persons who don’t know it’s there.
Generally, when most companies cut your trees, they normally leave the stumps hanging without grinding because either they don’t have that particular service or they desire a hefty sum in addition to the tree removal cost. However, our team of professionals offers this additional grinding service for those persons who don’t want the bother of having the stumps around.

Stump Removal Service
We naturally offer a full package to all our clients and/or customers who contract our services to clear their property of unwanted tree stumps. We offer quality servicing at an affordable cost with our state-of-the-art equipment. We provide efficient grinding services that reduce the bulk of the stump to a literal pulp and also remove from your property. The technique in stump grinding requires skills and expertise in effective machine functioning thus our team is comprised of trained and experienced professionals. In our bid to providing you an easy clearing service, we also aid in your full safety as the task of removing on your own could literally be dangerous for you and your property. We have been providing above satisfactory services to our clients who have noted their positive feedback on the services given.

Affordable Packages
The cost of removing tree stumps in its entirety is not as expensive as the other companies make it seem. Our team here makes it their duty to provide quality and efficient service at a cost to fit all budget types. A “one-price-fits-all" is not our policy as not all tree stump removing tasks are the same. We focus on the need to have the job done more than requesting a large sum without satisfactory completion. You are free to speak with one of our representatives and they will guide you to a quote that you can truly afford. We believe in “quality results over cost”.

Our tree stump grinding services offer flexibility to our existing and potential clients. We focus on making our services as easy to access to the general public and also allow for communication and scheduling to be hassle-free. You can reach out to us in various ways and a representative will definitely guide you into getting the answers you desire. We offer stump grinding services to a variety of client base to include stump removal for personal property or for commercial property. Our team can easily work under any condition to get the job done as we generally do our assessments of the issue, make a resolution plan and get to the task.

We have an open scheduling service as you can reach out to us whenever you can and we will provide a response in the shortest possible time. You can call us at 804-207-5569 or shoot us an email and a team member will get back to you. We also provide emergency stump removal services as well as you can schedule for other short-term or long-term services.

Grind Removal
We don’t just grind the stump and leave you to do the rest of the job. Our package includes full services to include cutting, grinding and removal of debris from the site. We have our equipment in place to gather and properly clean the environment after the task is completed to reduce or eliminate the chances of further harm to the users of the compound. We also offer in our packages mulch removal that levels the surface the stump was, in order to fully prepare for re-landscaping. You make the decisions on the complete removal and we provide the services.

Grind Depth
We have the machinery and capacity to ground up to and over 25 inches below ground level for larger or more complex rooted stumps. Our team expertly analyze the depth of the stump and make the necessary arrangements to remove it in full. We don’t believe in rushing a job but spending efficient timing to doing it right the first time. We also use tested and environmentally safe machinery for our grinding services.

Payments Accepted
We offer a wide range of payment options to our customer base for variety so that each person can choose to work with our services. We take payments via cash, cards (all major debit and credit cards), check or bank transfers.

Contact Us
You can easily fill out the form (located below) to contact us via email and a representative will reach out to you. You can also connect with us via telephone up to seven days per week. No matter the issue you are having, our team of knowledgeable experts will guide you into achieving the results you need. Want to schedule our services but don’t really know how? Contact us and we will guide you through the simple steps.

Important to Note
In the process of grinding the stumps on your property, there may be the chance of damage to irrigation pipes (or sprinkler pipelines) or any outdoor lighting wire(s). However, this only happens on minimal occasions as our team ensures they put the necessary precautions in place to eliminate or reduce the chances of additional damages. Please note, if the damage occurred as a result of a fault on your side, the repair may be incurred on you but if it is on our side, we will provide the necessary assistance to getting the issue rectified. We don’t just cut your trees and leave the stumps for you to “stump” your toes on, we grind, clear and make your ground level as you desire.


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