Tree Injections


Tree injection services in Richmond Virginia, also known as a trunk or stem injections, are the easiest and best way to maintain the health of a tree. It is mainly used as a method of protecting trees against unwanted pests as well as providing a tree with vital nutrients needed that it may not be able to obtain on its own.
Having been tested by experts worldwide, the solutions are both environmentally and family friendly, as seeing they are designed to provide positive health and stability to the plants. The process involves getting the relevant solutions injected directly into the trunk of the tree which is a precise target to the tree vital veins and support.
You may be wondering how safe this process is whether it has any underlying or damaging effects for the crops grown on the trees being injected. However, it is a daily testing process and since its inception years ago, it has been adopted by various agricultural and arborist worldwide.
Many trees grown outside of their natural birth grown (for example the forest), needs to undergo this process in order to have the trees staying in a healthy condition. Whether it is for your home or commercial purposes, it is important to consider as it also provides higher health benefits than having the physical fertilizers and other insecticides escaping into the environment.

When Should I do Tree Injections?  

Tree injection is an important part of the general tree care process and once there is a need for it, it should be done. But how can you tell when your tree needs an injection? The process is said to be a little longer than the other pesticide and nutrient applications but is necessary if you prefer to have a more precise application.
If you notice your tree is in need of urgent and direct nutrient care, then the tree injection services in Richmond would be a good choice. It makes a more internal approach and targets the problem it was applied for. Also, if you realize your tree is being affected by pests and other insects and needs to rid the problem from inside out, then using the trunk injection method would be ideal.  

Benefits of Tree Injections

There are numerous types of pests and diseases that affect a tree’s growth and general health. As such, there have been methods designed to help protect and eliminate the plants against these elements. Tree injection has been one of the processes used for years and has its benefits for the tree owners. Some of these benefits are:
- The application is not easily affected by factors like climate or weather conditions, winds or no similar element. Bear in mind the tree is directed injected so the solution is inserted directly into the trunk of the tree.
- It provides environmentally health-friendly features as the solution cannot be reached by children or other protected animals. It however only affects the insects attacking the tree.
It uses fewer resources such as material and chemicals. When you have to spray or rub chemicals on, it is much less when inserted via the injection tube. 

Protect Tree Health by our Tree Injection Technology

Our certified arborists take soil testing to evaluate the roots of the tree, which helps them to determine the health of your trees. They then use top of the line injection systems and solutions to protect the trees from pests and enhance the overall health of the tree. We use the latest tree care service techniques for getting the job done.

Our History in Tree Services

When it comes to trees in general, we are a team of flexible experts who can take all your concerns and correct them. We have been in the tree services industry for years and have provided a variety of services to include tree cutting and removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, mulching and so much more.
We have a team of professionals who take pride in providing the most exceptional tree and soil care services whether for your residential, commercial or open lot. We have only utilized the services of expert machinery to get the job done and contracting our services will guarantee you the results.
Call us today at 804-207-5569 to speak with a representative and they will provide you will all the assistance you need.


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