Tree Falling Services


At Richmond Tree Trimming we promote preventative measures and maintenance first and foremost. However, occasionally, we have a customer who needs assistance with a falling tree. Our system of falling trees (a specialty of ours, by the way!) is much more efficient than cutting a gigantic tree into thousands of pieces, but we also do it safely. Our experts know how to bring down big, tall trees safely!

The tree care specialists at Richmond Tree Trimming Services will conduct an evaluation of the tree that has fallen. During this meeting, the expert will discuss with you what your reasons are for wanting the tree gone and what your future goals are. We can offer suggestions such as planting more trees which may help you reach your long-term goal and offer more curb appeal.

Because tree felling is considered dangerous and time consuming, we must consider all of the reasons you may want the tree to come down, and we will help you decide if felling the tree is your best choice. Here are some reasons customers request our tree felling services:

The tree is dead.
The tree is diseased beyond any chance of recovery.
The tree has root problems that will ultimately lead to growth or structural problems.
The tree is crowded together with others.
The tree has damage due to a storm.
The tree had split, broken or fallen because it is old or weak.
The tree’s roots are threatening to destroy property – driveway or walkway, underground pipes and septic systems, and home foundations.
The tree is in a location where new construction will take place.

Once the tree comes down, why not have it chopped into firewood or mulch for a path.

​Don’t attempt to drop a tree yourself! It could result in harm to you or your personal property. Trust the professionals at Richmond Tree Trimming Services for a free consultation and quote for our tree felling service

You can easily reach us via telephone at 804-207-5569 or contact us via email to get answers to questions and/or concerns you may have. Our team is knowledgeable of the works and can assist you with anything you need. We offer unmatched service to any other tree removal companies you may have contacted and if you feel there is a service you need that we don’t offer, we will see how best we can assist.

Important to Note

Any damages that may be incurred from the tree removal process that is beyond our control and an issue from your end, we will not stand the cost of repair. However, if the damage occurs as a result of our negligence, we are available and willing to assist in correcting the issue.


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